France is an attractive destination that offers various entrancing spots. For holiday makers, France is a must see. Many destinations, including historical centers, galleries, cathedrals and gardens could be discovered.

Explore the Louvre Museum

If you are searching for the ideal place for arts, you ought to go to the Louvre Museum in Paris. The museum houses 35,000 perfect works of art that draw numerous visitors from all around the globe.  This museum remains a peaceful and beautiful place, a real treasure of France, different from everything else you might see. You can discover famous masterpieces by Mona Lisa, Vénus de Milo, Cupid's Kiss, and Saqqara. This museum can easily be reached by car, or other means of transportation.

Pay a visit to the Cathédrale Notre-Dame d’Amiens

Situated in the heart of Picardy, it is one of the biggest and tallest Gothic churches in France. It is a big tourist attraction in France. The interior of the church is fascinating, with beautiful architecture and various designs on the floor. Visitors also can watch the stunning light show at night. An absolute must while visiting the Cathedral is this one.

Uncover France’s most famous beaches

France has a cluster of fabulous beaches gear for families. Go to the Rocappina beach, which has it all for families.  Situated in the island of Corsica, this shoreline is stunning thanks to its white sand. Catch a sunset, relax and unwind, find old-fashioned family activities and enjoy romantic mood. Head to Riou Island in Marseille, which offers exciting snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba diving adventures. Try not to pass up a major opportunity by visiting Euronat that is a standout amongst other naturist shoreline in France.

Go to the Luxembourg gardens

Arranged close to the Latin Quarter, in Luxembourg, this « Jardin du Luxembourg » covers 25 hectares of land. It is one of the most popular French attractions you may ever see. Everything is about beauty. Stroll inside the gardens and admire their beauty. You can find statues and fine art. On the other hand, if you are travelling with your little ones, then enjoy many children oriented activities like slides, carousels, and puppet shows.

The Versailles Palace is worth visiting

The Versailles Palace is one of the foremost tourist attractions in France. It is a perfect spot full of history. However, what to see and do there? Enjoy a walk in the Versailles Garden that is beautifully organized and accurately shaped. Of course, families can enjoy a picnic on the meticulously manicured lawns. Stroll along the amazing Halls of Mirrors and learn more about the French history. Last but not the least, walk through the streets of Notre Dame Neighborhood to find hidden shops full of rare items you may ever find.