You might know the very famous area of the Loire, a place where landscapes offer an incredible feeling of freedom. Over there, you will experience a special bond with nature. Indeed, flowers, trees and rivers will be your hosts. Let yourself be invited by all this beauty, you will never want to come home. It will be a wonderful occasion to be reconciled with nature, or maybe with French History if you were not fond of theses classes back then.

Immerse yourself in a period far removed from the one you know

Actually, you have to know that this territory is the perfect place for a romantic getaway between lovers, an adventure with friends or even a family trip. No matter how long your journey will last, you can be sure that it will be a concentrate of happiness and moments of joy. Do not worry, you don’t have to be passionate about History or architecture. The only sensation of breathing again will be enough for you to appreciate the moment. Do not be afraid if you do not have enough time to visit everything in the Loire region. It is exactly the beauty and the preciousness of this land, no matter how many times you go there, you will never see all there is to see. In fact, the Loire has a lot of secrets, and if you want to discover them all, you will have to start with visits to the old towns, to be connected to the stories of these historical walls. More than that, it will be impossible for you to miss the splendor of old buildings, wonderful churches and the vast meadows.

Maybe it is time for you to discover something different

Can you only imagine all the things to do in the Loire, starting with the Cheverny Castle, that you would be insane not to visit ? You imperatively must see this wonder of castle before leaving the Loire. If you still do not know why, the answer will appear very clear to your eyes when you will stand in front of the Cheverny Castle. But do not worry, you will learn everything you have to know about this place very soon.


First of all, you have to know that the Cheverny Castle was the first castle to be opened to public in 1922. This property belongs to the same family for six centuries. Each generation tries to embellish the place and this is why the Cheverny Castle never stops to be more and more incredible. The story of this one is perpetuated every year and this makes it beautiful and very touching.

You will be amazed at the beauty of the 17th century, in addition of that, if your guide does a great job, just close your eyes and you will feel like you are living at this fascinating time. Come and discover all the secrets of Cheverny Castle. You will be impressed by the precision and the beauty of the gardens, fascinated by the complexity of the park and the labyrinth, but mostly in love with the permanent exhibition “The Secrets of Marlinspike”. Thanks to the latter, you will remember your childhood probably spent with the greatest Hergé’s hero, the famous Tintin. Do not wait to go, you really want to visit the Cheverny Castle and discover all of its secrets...